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Community Food Security Coalition

Evaluation Program Materials

Evaluation Handbook & Toolkit

The expanded and comprehensive third editions of the Community Food Project Evaluation Handbook and Community Food Project Evaluation Toolkit are now available to anyone interested in learning about program evaluation.

Packed with detailed information and worksheets, the CFP Evaluation Handbook will walk the reader through all stages of developing and implementing outcome based program evaluation, specific to community food security projects. Written by the National Research Center, Inc. with coordination by the CFSC Evaluation Program, the CFP Evaluation Handbook is a 224-page spiral book and includes sections on planning, implementing and utilizing evaluation results.

The Third Edition of the CFP Evaluation Toolkit is now in a printed document and includes a new chapter titled, Evaluating Food Coalitions, Networks and Councils. The Toolkit, also written by NRC with coordination of the CFSC Evaluation Program, is 291 pages and includes a CD ROM with each of the 52 tools and templates for you to download and modify. The Toolkit includes evaluation protocols and template surveys for program satisfaction, training and technical assistance, focus groups, farmers' markets, community gardens, community support agriculture projects, farm to school projects, coalitions and the Common Output Tracking Form.

The following excerpts of these documents are included for your reference:

To order the Community Food Project Evaluation Handbook and the Community Food Project Evaluation Toolkit refer to our publications section of the website.

Tell Us What You Think! To submit a feedback form on the CFP Evaluation Handbook and Toolkit please download the form [Doc]. Your feedback is important to help us develop tools and materials that are useful for practitioners.

Common Output Tracking Form (COTF)

NEW FOR 2009! FY09 Community Food Project Common Output Tracking Form (COTF). This measurement tool is requested from CFP Grantees as part of their annual reporting to USDA. Updated this past summer, the new COTF includes detailed instructions throughout the form. All CFP grantees active during the fiscal year 2009 are requested to complete the COTF by December 4, 2009. Following is the information and documents you will need to complete the COTF including:

  1. COTF Introductory Letter [Doc]: This letter outlines the COTF Process
  2. COTF Mapping Sheet [Doc]: This document outlines which Part B sections for the COTF should be completed for each activity type
  3. COTF Activity Definition Sheet [Doc]: This sheet can be used by grantees to help you track your progress
  4. COTF Part A pdf [PDF]: The COTF is a web-based document and these PDFs are for you to print out so that you can see the whole document.
  5. COTF Part B pdf [PDF]: Part A is completed first and once for the whole CFP project. Part B is completed second and once for each type of CFP activity in which your organization engages.

Also available through the National Research Center is a 42 page guide, Excel for Data Analysis, written by NRC, on how to use Excel to analyze evaluation data.
Download Excel for Data Analysis. [PDF]
To learn more about the National Research Center, please go to the NRC website.

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