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Handouts on Community Food Issues

Your Community Your Food Cover

These simple, colorful handouts are designed to inspire people to learn more and to take action, and to link them up with local organizations (this could be you!) They are beautifully designed, with original artwork on the front. Each includes brief educational information, action ideas and space to add local contact information.

The handouts are available for free in two versions: downloadable full-page PDFs and printed cards. Spanish-language versions are also available.

Full-page PDF Handouts

Download the handouts in PDF format:

  1. Community Food Security: Growing Healthy Farms, People, and Communities
  2. Your Community, Your Food: Seven Ways to Get Healthy Food into Your Community
  3. Good Food we Can Afford - Today and Tomorrow

You can add local contact information electronically (directions here), or by using a label or a rubber stamp.

Printed Cards

These are smaller versions of the same three handouts, printed on 100% recycled card stock with 50% post-consumer content. You can add local contact information by using a label or a rubber stamp.

We are currently out of printed cards in English. Please email Emily Becker ( to be notified if CFSC reprints the cards. The printed cards are still available in Spanish.

Let us know what you think about these handouts, or how you use them. We'd love to hear from you! Contact Kai Siedenburg (

Thanks to Our Team!

These handouts were developed through a team effort between the Community Food Security Coalition (CFSC) and World Hunger Year (WHY), which also included extensive input from advocates and community-based groups. Thanks to everyone who contributed to this project!

  • 85 people, mostly CFSC members, provided input on possible handout themes
  • Maggi Adamek, Nicole de Beaufort, Sarita Daftary, Linda Drake, Jim Dyer, Andy Fisher, Bob Gerber, Anna LappĂ©, Marie Martin, Peggy da Silva, Christina Schiavoni, and Bill Wilcke provided input on content ideas and/or reviewed draft text
  • Darcel Eddins, SteVon Edwards, and Kim Szeto 'field tested' handouts by showing them to community members at local meetings and events and gathering their comments. Thanks also to the many community members for their valuable feedback!
  • Kai Siedenburg of CFSC developed the content and managed the project
  • Matthew Willse of provided graphic design and layout
  • Christina Schiavoni of WHY reviewed drafts and contributed to various aspect of the project
  • Pamela Williams of NCAT/ATTRA provided translation into Spanish
  • Lydia Villanueva, Hilda Colon, and Andy Fisher reviewed the Spanish translation
  • Environmental Paper and Print printed the cards
  • Emily Becker of CFSC assisted with print logistics and card distribution
  • The Community Food Projects Program funded the project