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International Links Committee

Mission Statement

The International Links Committee works to connect the Community Food Security Coalition to its food security allies around the world through initiatives for food security and food sovereignty, fair trade policy, and sustainable agriculture. The Committee seeks to share US community food security efforts with our international allies; to communicate international perspectives to the US movement; and to place US community food security work in an international context. The Committee is a space for effective collaboration among CFSC members working on international issues.

What We Do

The International Links Committee holds meetings by conference call monthly or bimonthly. Further correspondence is conducted by e-mail, at the annual conference of the Coalition, and via listserv (currently under construction).

A major role of the International Links Committee is one of information-sharing, communications, and messaging. Current focus areas include food sovereignty, agrofuels, international trade policy (including the US Farm Bill), and international exchanges around food and agriculture issues.

Food Sovereignty Prize

Beginning in 2009, the International Links Committee awards an annual prize to an organization that meets the following criteria:

  • promotes food sovereignty by raising public awareness, on-the-ground action, or developing and implementing programs and policies
  • recognizes the importance of collective action in bringing about social change
  • recognizes global linkages in food sovereignty work, and
  • demonstrates clear recognition of the importance of women in agriculture and food issues

2011 Prize Winner - The Landless Workers Movement of Brazil
2010 Prize Winner - Family Farm Defenders
2009 Prize Winner - La Vía Campesina

Read more about the Food Sovereignty Prize Recipients


Fueling Disaster: A Community Food Security Perspective on Agrofuels (PDF)
Industrial agrofuels are already exacting heavy costs on food security and rural communities around the world. The anticipated increase in agrofuel production could lead to catastrophic impacts on community food security. This report addresses these impacts and identifies responses that would buffer communities from increased hunger, poverty, and environmental degradation.

Call Archive

  • 4/28/11 - Consultation Call with Global South Allies [mp3]
    Implications of the U.S. Farm Bill on peasants and indigenous people's right to land, water and food in the Global South
    The International Links Committee hosted a call for activists and advocates with Global South allies about the implications of the U.S. Farm Bill. We heard from Peter Rosset, Bazelais Jean-Baptiste and Chavannes Jean-Baptiste about the impacts of the Farm Bill on the livelihoods of rural families in Mexico and Haiti and discussed target areas for national advocacy efforts towards the 2012 Farm Bill.

Links to Committee Member Organizations


The International Links Committee welcomes new participants! We meet by conference call on the last Thursday of each month at 4 PM EST/1 PM PST. Please contact Tristan Quinn-Thibodeau, to join our e-mail list, find out the next conference call date, or to answer any questions.

Contact Information

Co-chair: Tristan Quinn-Thibodeau - - (212) 629-8850 x48
Co-chair: Christina Schiavonni - - (212) 629-8850 x32