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Farm to School Procurement Information Package

There has been some confusion as to whether cities, states, and school districts can use a local purchasing preference when buying food for use in cafeterias and other meal-service programs. This Procurement Information Package provides you with explanatory, background information, as well as tools you can use in describing this issue to others.

  1. Helping Schools Buy Local: An Overview - a one page document explaining the basic issues.
  2. Procurement Preferences - a one-page document containing essential legislation and regulations concerning procurement preferences.
  3. Preemption of Geographic Preferences in School Food Procurement - a detailed document that explains everything you want to know about the geographic preference issue but may not know how to ask. This is a key document written by procurement experts. If you only want to look at one item in the Package, this is it.
  4. Local Food Procurement Power Point - a presentation that explains the issue in basic terms and thought-provoking graphics.
  5. Boosting "Buy Local:" State Legislative Strategies - a one-pager outlining legislation adopted by states to encourage or establish procurement preferences for local and/or in-state product.
  6. State Legislative Strategies Power Point - a presentation detailing the information in the one-pager described in #5.

The Community Food Security Coalition would like to extend our thanks and gratitude to Richard Kaplan and Matthew Porterfield of the Harrison Institute, and Peter Riggs of the Forum on Democracy & Trade. They have spent many hours developing this material and we greatly appreciate their efforts on our behalf.

For more information on this packet, contact:

Marion Kalb, Director
National Farm to School Program
Community Food Security Coalition
3900 Paseo del Sol
Santa Fe, New Mexico 87507
Phone and fax: (505) 474-5782