Pure Garcinia Cambogia

I wouldn’t blame you a bit to not be convinced when you hear about a new weight loss supplement that helps you lose lots of weight fast without any extra work on your part at all. There have been so many products in this industry that never lived up to their claims, and there continue to be new ones all the time. However, garcinia cambogia seems to be the one that does live up to the claims Dr. Oz was so excited about it when he featured it on his show TWICE. But….

Many manufacturers describe their product as pure, and they may be. But in this post, I’m specifically talking about the BRAND name “Pure Garcinia Cambogia”

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The BRAND name “Pure” – not a good buy

Following the endorsement by Dr Oz many brands and many suppliers have sprung up to choose from. One of them has chosen to use “Pure” as their brand name. That is the one we are talking about here. There is nothing wrong with a product that is pure – meaning, no fillers – just Garcinia Cambogia extract.

All the different brands of Garcinia are not all created equal. The products aren’t equal, the customer support isn’t equal, the companies aren’t equal. There are some really bad apples out there and one in point is “Pure Garcinia Cambogia”. Exactly what makes me say that so blatantly? Keep reading…

Costs Way Too Much

pure-garcinia-expensiveOne of the great things about garcnia, well other than the fact that it will burn fat for you pretty much on autopilot, is that it’s cheap. It’s not like many of the other products in the weight loss industry that can wipe you out $50, $60 or even $99 in one swipe. Garcinia shouldn’t run you more than $30 at very most. However, the Pure Garcinia we looked at will set you back more than that. Almost $50 to be exact.

The deceitful “Free Trial” scam

This is another brand that uses the lure of “free trial” to trick people. They take your credit card number supposedly just to cover shipping charges, but victims don’t ever see the small print at the bottom of one of the pages that signs them up for monthly shipments. And they start the shipments just days after you get the “free trial”, so you don’t ever have a chance to cancel even if you do know you were signed up for the subscription.

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Another Brand that Hides Ingredients from You!

We say it over and over it again, but it really is that important. Never buy a supplement if you can’t check the label and verify its ingredients beforehand. Unfortunately, there are plenty of suppliers out there who expect you to be a chump and hit the order button without ever looking to see what’s really in it. They love it, because many times they know that their product doesn’t live up to the quality standards it should. Pure is one of them.

Pure, Cheesy Marketing Tactics to Push You into Ordering

We’ve seen this several times. Some marketers are pretty clever. With Pure, they put a nice little notification along the top of the site about how garcinia is sold out in most stores, but you “can still get it online!” True, it might be sold out in some stores. But they’re trying to use scarcity to get you to push the buy button.


Pure is one of the garcinia extracts that we caution you to steer clear of. You’re paying much more than you really should and you don’t even know what you’re buying until your order arrives at your doorstep. Then it may be too late. We’ve heard horror stories on getting refunds, but we haven’t test it with them yet. Play it safe – don’t buy it.

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It’s unfortunate that there are so many sellers out there either trying to rip you off or simply don’t care about their customers.

It’s getting harder and harder to tell a legit, quality product from an imitation,especially when it comes to weight loss supplements.

There are a few good products out there. One that we highly recommend is NewLifeBotanicals Garcinia Extract.

You can find it at VitaminSpot stores, or at AlivebyNature.com

If you’re a fan of Amazon, they also sell through their store on Amazon.



NewLifeBotanicals isn’t some site that popped up overnight to make a quick buck. They have a long-established reputation as a leader in the industry.

Their extract meets all our rating criteria, as well as Dr. Oz’s criteria for picking a garcinia product:

  • 90% HCA!
  • It’s all natural (always a good thing)
  • Continues to receive amazing feedback
  • Has 600mg per capsule
  • No fillers
  • You get the most amazing money back guarantee we’ve seen (no questions asked, no return authorizations, nothing!)



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