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Training and Technical Assistance Programs

Updated information about CFSC's TA services (PDF download)
Note: This handout contains the most current information. The rest of this page will be updated soon to reflect this information.

The Community Food Security Coalition provides technical assistance services to support a wide variety of CFS projects and initiatives, through trainings and workshops, practical publications, mentoring, and other individualized assistance. Started in 1996, this is the first and only national program offering technical assistance for a broad range of community food security initiatives.

The Training and Technical Assistance (T&TA) Program aims to help CFS practitioners implement successful initiatives that make real contributions to improving community food security, and that build capacity for creating positive change in the food system. We strive not only to assist particular projects, but also to facilitate information exchange and mutual support between CFS practitioners, and to build a broader movement for a just, democratic, healthful, and sustainable food system.

We welcome your feedback on the CFS Coalition's existing T & TA programs, as well as suggestions for future services. Most of our T & TA services have been developed in response to requests from members and practitioners.

Contact Kai Siedenburg, the T&TA Program Director, for more information.

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Training and Technical Assistance Services Available from CFSC

General Services

Services for Community Food Projects Grant Applicants and Recipients

T & TA Program Staff

Jeanette Abi-Nader
Evaluation Program Manager
Phone (434) 973-4435

Kristen Markley
National Farm to Institution Program Manager
Phone (434) 973-4435

Sara Padilla
Communities Putting Prevention to Work Program Manager
Phone (503) 954-2970 x100

Mark Winne
Food Policy Council Director
Phone (505) 983-3047