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Council List

NOTE: The following list includes councils of various types, with different approaches and at various stages of development. Due to the evolving nature of this work, we recommend that you check with the council to ensure accuracy of the information below. Also, if you would like us to add your council to this list or if the information included here for your council is incorrect, please email mark@foodsecurity.org.

Please use the clickable map to find a council near you.

  • An S in front of a council name designates a state-level council;
  • An R designates a regional-level council;
  • A C designates a county-level council;
  • An L designates a local-level council, including city.


L: Greater Birmingham Community Food Partners

Contact: Elise Munoz, Program Coordinator for Greater Birmingham Community Food Partners
Email: bhamfoodsecurity@gmail.com
Phone: (205) 229-7871

Secondary Contact: Paulette Van Matre, Executive Director of Magic City Harvest
P.O. Box 11292, Birmingham, AL 35202
Phone: (205) 591-3663

Web: www.gbcfp.org

Governance: Independent


S: Alaska Food Policy Council

Contact: Diane Peck
Email: diane.peck@alaska.gov

Governance: Independent (statewide group of 81 non-profit, faith-based and state agencies funded by the state)



S: Arkansas Food Policy Council

Contact: Sylvia Blain, Arkansas Local Foods Initiative
Phone: (501) 765-2469

Web: https://sites.google.com/site/arkansasfoodpolicycouncil


L: Berkeley Food Policy Council

Contact: Martin Bourque, Ecology Center
Email: martin@ecologycenter.org
Phone: (510) 548-2220 x 234

Governance: Convened by the Ecology Center this is a community based coalition of food systems projects, youth development organizations, health service providers, and and others working to reduce diet related illnesses in Berkeley's low income and communities by increasing consumption of fresh local healhtful foods. We do this through information sharing, programatic collaboration, and policy advocacy.

L: Contra Costa Food and Nutrition Policy Consortium

Contact: Lindsay Johnson
Email: ljohnson@foodbankccs.org

Web: www.foodbankccs.org

Governance: Independent
We currently operate (and have for about 10 years) without funding or association with any governmental jurisdiction. Representatives from the county public health department (including WIC) and the county human services department (food stamps, EBT, Head Start) attend, as do representatives from community based organizations and school districts receiving funding through USDA. Prior to this time there was a period when the FNPC had paid staff from the County Health Services Community Wellness and Prevention Program.

C: Fresno County Food System Alliance

Contact: Miriam Volat, Ag Innovations Network
Email: miriam@aginnovations.org
Phone: (707) 823-6111

Web: http://foodsystemalliance.org

Governance: Independent with representatives from public health, agricultural commissioner, CSU, private, non-profit, and government groups. In formation as of 9/2015.

R: Healthy Food Access & Farmers' Markets Committee (Monterey)

Contact: Christine Moss
Email: mosscd@co.monterey.ca.us
Phone: (831) 796-2894

Contact: Deborah Yashar
Email: deborah@albafarmers.org
Phone: (831) 758-1469

Governance: Coalition
On the Central Coast of California, a group known as the Nutrition & Fitness Collaborative of the Central Coast with a food policy council subcommittee known as the Healthy Food Access & Farmers' Markets Committee meets on a regular basis and works on food policy initiatives

C: Humboldt Food Policy Council Task Force

Contact: Danielle Stubblefield, Community Food Systems Analyst for the California Center for Rural Policy at Humboldt State University
Email: Danielle.Stubblefield@humboldt.edu

Governance: Independent

L: Los Angeles Food Policy Task Force

Contact: Alexa Delwiche, Food Policy Coordinator
Email: alexa.delwiche@gmail.com
Phone: (323) 341-5096

Web: departments.oxy.edu/uepi/cfj/lafjn.htm

Governance: Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa led the formation of a food policy task force for the City of Los Angeles

L: Oakland Food Policy Council

Contact: Food First
398 60th Street, Oakland, CA 94618
Email: oaklandfood@foodfirst.org
Phone: 510-654-4400

Web: www.oaklandfood.org

Governance: Oakland City Council Life Enrichment Committee passed a resolution to allocate start-up funding for the establishment of an Oakland Food Policy Council

C: Plumas County Community Food Council (Quincy)

Contact: Elizabeth Powell
Email: epowell@plumasruralservices.org
Phone: (530) 283-3611 x839

Governance: Independent

L: San Francisco Food Systems Council

Contact: Paula Jones, Director, Food Systems - San Francisco Department of Public Health
Email: Paula.jones@sfdph.org
Secondary Email: info@sffoodsystems.org

Web: www.sffoodsystems.org

Governance: In 2001, the San Francisco Department of Public Health's Environmental Health Section (EHS) initiated an independent project (San Francisco Food Systems) under the fiscal sponsorship of the San Francisco Foundation Community Initiative Funds.

C: San Mateo Food Systems Alliance

Contact: Jennifer Gross
Email: jgross@co.sanmateo.ca.us
Secondary Email: info@foodsystemalliance.org
Phone: (650) 573-2319

Web: www.foodsystemalliance.org/sanmateo

Governance: Independent (seats both the County's Agricultural Commissioner and its Public Health Officer)

C: Santa Barbara Food Policy Council

Contact: Megan Carney, TGIF Sustainable Food Coordinator, University of California, Santa Barbara
Email: megcarney@gmail.com
Phone: (805) 729-2452

Web: sbcfoodpolicycouncil.weebly.com

Governance: Independent

R: Sacramento Region Food System Collaborative

Contact: Robyn Krock
Email: robyn.krock@valleyvision.org

Web: www.foodsystemcollaborative.org

Governance: Independent (coalition of public, private, and nonprofit stakeholders)

C: Sonoma County Food Alliance

Contact: Miriam Volat, Ag Innovations Network
Email: miriam@aginnovations.org
Phone: (707) 823-6111

Web: http://sonomacofsa.org

Governance: Independent (seats both the County's Public Health Officer and Agricultural Commissioner as well as a wide variety of community organizations and grassroots groups).

C: Ventura County Food Policy Council

Contact: Joseph McIntyre, Ag Innovations Network
Email: joseph@aginnovations.org
Phone: (707) 823-6111

Web: http://venturacoafa.org

Governance: Independent (seats the County Agricultural Commissioner as well as a wide variety of community organizations and agencies).

C: Yolo County Food Policy Council (Woodland)

Contact: Miriam Volat, Ag Innovations Network
Email: miriam@aginnovations.org
Phone: (707) 823-6111

Web: http://yolocoafa.org

Governance: Independent (seats the County Agricultural Commissioner as well as a wide variety of community organizations and agencies).


C: Boulder County Food and Agriculture Policy Council

Contact: Adrian Card, Extension Agent, Agricultural and Natural Resources
Phone: (303) 678-6383

Web: www.bouldercounty.org/bocc/AdvisoryBoards/#FoodAg

Governance: Advisory Board to County Commissioners

C: San Luis Valley Local Food Coalition

Contact: Liz Marron
Email: marronL@vwhs.org

Contact: Luette Frost
Phone: (719) 588-9417

Web: www.livewellcolorado.org/community-initiatives/livewell-colorado-communities/livewell-alamosa

Governance: Independent

C: Summit County (Breckenridge)

Contact: Joanna Rybak, the LiveWell Summit County coordinator
Email: joanna@summitpreventionalliance.org

C: Sustainability Alliance of SW Colorado - Food, Agriculture & Farm to School (Durango)

Contact: Jim Dyer, SW Marketing Network
Email: jadyer@frontier.net
Secondary email: info@sustainableSWcolorado.org

Web: www.sustainableswcolorado.org/foodag.htm

C: Western Colorado Food and Agriculture Council (Paonia)

Contact: Elaine Brett
Email: embrett@paonia.com
Phone: (970) 210-9717

Contact: Dr. Edward Page, Colorado State U. Extension Small Acreage Management Agent

Governance: Independent


S: Connecticut Food Policy Council

Contact: Linda Drake, University of Connecticut EFNEP
Email: Linda.Drake@uconn.edu
Phone: (860) 486-1783

Contact: Jerry Jones
Phone: (860) 296-9325

Web: www.foodpc.state.ct.us

Governance: Created in 1997 by the state legislature

L: Hartford Food Policy Commission

Contact: Martha Page
Email: mpage@hartfordfood.org
Phone: (860) 296-9325

Web: www.hartford.gov/government/FoodCommission/default.htm

Governance: Advisory body to the city government

L: New Haven Food Policy Council

Contact: Roberta Freidman, Director of Public Policy at Yale Rudd Center for Food Policy
Email: roberta.friedman@yale.edu
Phone: (203) 432-4717

Web: www.cityseed.org

Governance: The Board of Aldermen of the City of New Haven voted unanimously to pass an ordinance establishing the New Haven Food Policy Council


District of Columbia


S: Florida Food Policy Council

Contact: Trish Strawn, Chair
Email: floridafoodpolicycouncil@gmail.com
Phone: (386) 216-2442

Governance: Independent

C: Leon County Food Policy Council (Tallahassee)

Contact: Janice A. Daly, Ph.D., CHES, Community Health Promotion Coordinator of the Leon County Health Department
Email: Janice_Daly@doh.state.fl.us
Phone: (850) 606-8174

C: PBC Community Food Alliance (Palm Beach County)

Contact: Alex Stevens, Director of the PBC Community Food Alliance, United Way of Palm Beach
Email: alexstevens@unitedwaypbc.org
Phone: (561) 375-6650

Web: www.unitedwaypbc.org/foodalliance

Governance: Independent (under United Way of Palm Beach)

C: Sarasota Food Policy Council

Contact: Robert A. Kluson, Agriculture/Natural Resources Extension Agent II
Email: rkluson@scgov.net
Phone: (941) 232-3090

Web: sarasota.extension.ufl.edu/AG/agpolicy.shtml

Governance: Unofficial advisory committe appointed by Sarasota County County Commissioners

L: Tampa Bay Food Policy Council

Contact: Rob Alicea
Email: ralicea2@tampabay.rr.com


S: Georgia Food Policy Council

Contact: Donna DeCaille, Nutrition Coordinator for the Nutrition and Physical Activity Initiative & FPC Facilitator, Georgia Division of Public Health
Email: dpdecaille@dhr.state.ga.us
Phone: (404) 657-6538

C: Athens Area Food Policy Council

Contact: Shannon McBride
Email: athensfpc@gmail.com
Phone: (706) 354-8080

Contact: Midge Leventry

Web: www.localplace.org

Governance: Independent

C: Atlanta Local Food Initiative

Contact: Barbara Petit
Email: petitbolster@comcast.net
Secondary email: info@atlantalocalfood.org
Phone: (404) 862-2277

Web: www.atlantalocalfood.org

Governance: Independent coalition


Hawaii Food Policy Council

Amanda Corby, HFPC Coordinator
Email: Amanda@HawaiiFoodPolicyCouncil.org

Web: www.hawaiifoodpolicycouncil.org



S: Illinois Food, Farms, & Job Council

Contact: Jim Braun (Interim Coordinator)
Phone: (515) 229-2679

Web: www.foodfarmjobs.org

Governance: Governor appointed

S: Tri-State Food Policy Council (IL, IA, MO)

Contact: Brenda E. Derrick, Unit Educator, Nutrition and Wellness
Email: derrickb@illinois.edu
Phone: (217) 223-8380

Web: web.extension.illinois.edu/adamsbrown/localgrown/430.html

Governance: Extension

L: Chicago Food Policy Advisory Council

Contact: Erika Allen, Growing Power Illinois (co-chair)
Email: erika@growingpower.org
Phone: (773) 324-7924

Contact: Rodger Cooley (co-chair)
Email: jrojet@yahoo.com

Web: www.chicagofoodpolicy.org

Governance: Independent (non-profit coalition)

L: Evanston Food Policy Council (Evanston)

Contact: Debbie Hillman
Email: DLHillman@sbcglobal.net
Phone: (847) 328-7175

Web: www.thetalkingfarm.org

Governance: Independent grassroots

L: Food Initiatives Group (Macomb)

Contact: info@macombfig.org

Web: www.macombfig.org/blog

Governance: Independent grassroots group, loosely organized.

R: Heartland Local Food Network (Bloomington-Normal)

Contact: Marsha Veninga
Email: marsha.veninga@hlfn.org
Phone: (309) 530-0430

Web: www.hlfn.org

Governance: Independent non-profit

C: Northwest Local Foods Task Force (Stephenson County)

Contact: Margaret Larson
Email: mklarson@uiuc.edu
Phone: (815) 235-4125

Governance: Extension

C: Springfield Local Food Task Force (Springfield)

Contact: Lindsay Record, Illinois Stewardship Alliance
Email: lindsay@ilstewards.org
Phone: (217) 528-1563

Governance: Independent



S: Iowa Food Systems Council

Contact: Angie Tagtow
Email: angie.tagtow@mac.com

Contact: Susan Roberts, JD, MS, RD - Roberts Law Firm, PLC
Email: susan@susan-roberts.net
Phone: (515) 965-3859

Web: www.iowafoodsystemscouncil.org

Governance: A non-profit corporation with a 17-member Board of Directors

S: Tri-State Food Policy Council (IL, IA, MO)

Contact: Brenda E. Derrick, Unit Educator, Nutrition and Wellness
Email: derrickb@illinois.edu
Phone: (217) 223-8380

Web: web.extension.illinois.edu/adamsbrown/localgrown/430.html

Governance: Extension

C: Cass County Local Food Policy Council (Oakland)

Contact: Bahia Barry, Local Food Coordinator, Golden Hills RC&D
Southwest Iowa Food and Farm Initiative, 712 S. HWY 6, PO Box 189, Oakland, IA 51560
Phone: (712) 482-3029

Web: www.swiffi.org

Governance: Member of a regional coalition

C: Pottawattamie County Local Food Council

Contact: Bahia Barry, Local Food Coordinator, Golden Hills RC&D
Southwest Iowa Food and Farm Initiative, 712 S. HWY 6, PO Box 189, Oakland, IA 51560
Phone: (712) 482-3029

Web: www.swiffi.org

Governance: Board of Supervisor appointed


S: Kansas State Food Policy Council

Contact: Dan Nagengast, Kansas Rural Center
Email: nagengast@earthlink.net
Phone: (785) 748-0959

Web: www.kansasruralcenter.org/kfpc.html

Governance: Works with the Governor's office

C: Douglas County Food Policy Council (Lawrence)

Contact: Eileen Horn, Sustainability Coordinator
Email: ehorn@douglas-county.com
Phone: (785) 330-3121

Contact: Emily Jackson, County Administrative intern

Web: www.douglas-county.com/depts/ad/ad_localfoodpolicycouncil.aspx?category_id=

Governance: The FPC was formed officially by the Douglas County Board of County Commissioners in September 2014, and formally approved as an advisory council in June 2015.



L: Food Policy Advisory Committee (New Orleans)

Contact: Vanessa M Ulmer
Email: vulmer@tulane.edu

Contact: David Coffman
Email: dcoffman@feedingamerica.org

Web: www.sph.tulane.edu/PRC/pages/FPAC.htm


R: Saco River Lake Region Food Policy Council

Contact: Richard Rudolph, Rippling Waters Organic Farm
Email: rrudolph@fairpoint.net
Phone: (207) 642-5161

Web: eatmainefoods.ning.com/forum/topics/saco-river-lake-region-food

Governance: Independent


L: Baltimore City Food Policy Task Force

Contact: Holly Freishtat
Email: holly@cultivatehealth.com

Contact: Anne Palmer, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health
Email: ampalmer@jhsph.edu

Web: www.baltimorecity.gov/Government/AgenciesDepartments/Planning/FoodPolicyTaskForce.aspx

Governance: Created by mayor and jointly led by the Baltimore City Department of Planning and the Baltimore City Health Department


S: Massachusetts Food Policy Alliance

Contact: Betsy Johnson, chair
c/o Project Bread, 145 Border St. East Boston, MA 02128
Email: betsy@bgjohnson.com
Phone: (617) 536-1711

L: Boston Food Policy Council

Contact: Stephen Chan
Mayor's Office, One City Hall Plaza, Boston, MA 02201
Email: stephen.chan@cityofboston.gov
Phone: (617) 635-2338

L: Holyoke Food Policy Council

Web: www.nuestras-raices.org/en/holyoke-food-fitness

L: Springfield Food Policy Council

Contact: Johnetta Baymon, Community Services Specialist, Springfield Partners for Community Action
Email: johnettab@springfieldpartnersinc.com

Web: www.springfieldpartnersinc.com

Governance: We have a resolution with City Government, however we collaborate with all sectors; community & faith based organizations, grocers & community garden groups, businesses & youth

L: Worcester Food Policy Council

Contact: United Way
484 Main Street, Suite 300 Worcester, MA 01608
Phone: (508) 757-5631 x304

Web: www.worcesterfoodpolicy.org

Governance: Formed at the appointment of (former) Mayor Tim Murray; serves as an ad-hoc advisory board to the local Congressman and Mayor


S: Michigan Food Policy Council

Contact: Kirsten G. Simmons
Email: simmonsk@michigan.gov or mda-mfpc@michigan.gov

Contact: Ken Dahlberg

Web: www.michigan.gov/mfpc

Governance: Governor advisory board

L: Detroit Food Policy Council

Rod Toneye, Urban Agritropolis Project
Detroit Food Policy Council, c/o Eastern Market Corporation, 2934 Russell, Detroit, MI 48207
Email: agritropolis@lycos.com
Phone: (248) 763-6912

Web: www.detroitfoodpolicycouncil.net

Governance: Approved by the Detroit City Council

L: Greater Grand Rapids Food Systems Council

Contact: Cynthia Price
Email: skyprice@gmail.com or ggrfsc@gmail.com
Phone: (616) 916-9823

Web: www.foodshed.net

Governance: Non-profit, membership based organization that is a collaborative of west Michigan community-based, governmental, non-profit and private organizations and individuals




S: Tri-State Food Policy Council (IL, IA, MO)

Contact: Brenda E. Derrick, Unit Educator, Nutrition and Wellness
Email: derrickb@illinois.edu
Phone: (217) 223-8380

Web: web.extension.illinois.edu/adamsbrown/localgrown/430.html

Governance: Extension

L: Greater Kansas City Food Policy Coalition

Contact: Beth Low
c/o KC Healthy Kids, PO Box 480227, Kansas City, MO 64148
Email: bethlow@kcfoodpolicy.org

Web: www.kchealthykids.org/Initiative-HFPI-Background/Index.htm

Governance: Independent coalition

L: St Louis Regional Food Policy Council

Contact: Phil Valko
Email: phil@healthyyouthpartnership.org

Contact: Susann Archer, Congressional Deputy Leg Asst.
Phone: (314) 962-1523

Governance: Independent


S: Montana Food System Council

Contact: Barbara Rusmore, Coordinator
Email: brusmore@gmail.com
Phone: (406) 570-5815

Web: www.montanafood.org

Governance: The Council has a cooperative relationship with the Governor's Montana Food for Montanans Initiative

L: Missoula Community Food and Agriculture Coalition

Contact: Paul Hubbard, land use coordinator on staff
Email: pfhubbard@gmail.com
Phone: (406) 543-0542

Contact: Bonnie Buckingham, chair of the Board of Directors
Email: bonnie@missoulacfac.org or cfac@montana.com

Web: www.MissoulaCFAC.org

Governance: CFAC was formed following a joint resolution at the City/County in 2010, recognizing the value of preserving ag land and ensuring access to food for all citizens. A member of both the City Council and County Commissioners originally sat on the Coalition. In fall, 2014, CFAC became a 501(c)3, and is now working independently from government, but has close ties to both city and county, including Office of Planning and Grants



New Hampshire

New Jersey

L: Camden City Food Security Advisory Board

Contact: Michael Devlin
Email: mdevlin@camdenchildrensgarden.org
Phone: (856) 365-8733

Web: www.camdenchildrensgarden.org

Governance: Established in 2014, appointments made by City Council and the Mayor. Currently 5 appointed members.

C: Mercer Food Council

Contact: Elyse Pivnick, Vice Pres. Environment & Community Health, Isles, Inc.
Email: EPivnick@isles.org

Governance: Operates independent of a specific government jurisdiction

New Mexico

C: Grant County Food Policy Council

Contact: Andrea Sauer, Coordinator
Email: asauer@grmc.org
Phone: (575) 388-1198 ext. 14

Governance: Established as an advisory council by a resolution from the Grant County Board of Commissioners in 2015

S: New Mexico Food and Agriculture Policy Council

Contact: Pam Roy, Director
Email: Pamelaroy@aol.com or info@farmtotablenm.org
Phone: (505) 473-1004

Web: www.farmtotablenm.org/policy

Governance: The New Mexico Food and Agriculture Policy Council was formally initiated through 2003 House Joint Memorial 45

C: Rio Arriba County Food & Agriculture Policy Council

Contact: Brian Korzec
Email: brian_korzec@yahoo.com

Contact: Lauren Reichelt
Phone: (505) 753-3143

Governance: Independent

L: Santa Fe Food Policy Council (City and County of Santa Fe Advisory Council on Food Policy)

Contact: Katherine Mortimer
Email: kemortimer@ci.santa-fe.nm.us

Contact: Rubina Cohen, Coordinator

Web: www.santafefoodpolicy.org

Governance: Established as an advisory council by a joint resolution from the City of Santa Fe and Santa Fe County

New York

S: New York State Council on Food Policy

Contact: Ann McMahon, Coordinator
NYS Department of Agriculture & Markets, 10B Airline Drive, Albany, NY 12235
Phone: (518) 485-7728; Direct line: (518) 457-6725

Web: www.nyscfp.org

Governance: New York State Governor's Office issued Executive Order No. 13 on May 18, 2012 that established the New York State Council on Food Policy (NYS CFP)

L: Food Systems Network NYC

Contact: Fern Gale Estrow
Email: fge2@earthlink.net
Phone: (212) 691-5154

Web: www.foodsystemsnyc.org

Governance: FSNYC was founded in 2004 through the efforts of the New York City Nutrition Education Network and the Council on the Environment of New York City (fiscal agent for FSNYC) to complement the emerging food policy council movement

L: East New York Food Co-op

Contact: Salima Jones-Daley
Email: enyfoodcoop@yahoo.com

North Carolina

S: North Carolina Sustainable Local Food Advisory Council

Contact: Joy Hicks, Policy Development Analyst, NCDA&CS
Phone: (919) 733-7125 x 236

Web: www.ncagr.gov/localfood

Governance: Approved by the NC State Legislature

C: Cabarrus County Food Policy Council

Contact: Aaron Newton, Local Food System Program Coordinator
Email: ajnewton@cabarruscounty.us
Phone: (704) 920-2206

Governance: Approved by the Cabarrus County Board of Commissioners in 2015.

L: Charlotte-Mecklenburg Food Policy Council

Contact: Marilyn Marks
Email: sosawnc@endhunger.org
Phone: (704) 553-1730

Contact: Allison Mignery
Phone: (704) 432-3468

Web: Facebook

Governance: Independent

North Dakota


C: Lorain County Food Policy Coalition

Contact: Avi Miner
Email: avram.miner@gmail.com

Governance: The LCFPC is an active county-level organization not affiliated with any government. The New Agrarian Center, a well-established nonprofit organization based in Oberlin, OH, serves as the LCFPC's parent organization.

S: Ohio Food Policy Advisory Council

Contact: Amalie Lipstreu, Senior Program Manager Sustainable Agriculture Ohio Department of Agriculture
Email: ALipstreu@agri.ohio.gov

Web: www.agri.ohio.gov/divs/communications/meetings.aspx

Governance: Created by Executive Order

L: Cleveland/Cuyahoga County Food Policy Council

Contact: David Pearl
Email: dep3@case.edu

Contact: MorganTaggart, Ohio State University Extension
Email: taggart.32@cfaes.osu.edu

Contact: Brad Masi, The New Agrarian Center

Web: www.cccfoodpolicy.org

Governance: Independent (public-private partnership)



R: Central Oregon Food Policy Council

Contact: Ben Gordon, Co-chair
Phone: (541) 728-3812

Contact: Katrina Van Dis
Phone: (541) 504-3307
Email: centraloregonfoodpolicy@gmail.com

Web: centraloregonfoodpolicy.wordpress.com

Governance: The COFPC is a 13-member volunteer Council composed of a Board of Directors representing Deschutes, Crook and Jefferson Counties in Central Oregon. Our vision is to lead the effort to achieve a sustainable and just food system in Central Oregon using the following strategies: Healthy Food Access, Public Policy Advocacy, and Networks and Knowledge Sharing.

C: Lane County Food Policy Council

Contact: Deb Johnson-Shelton, Chair
Oregon Research Institute, 1715 Franklin Boulevard, Eugene, OR 97403-1983
Email: debj@ori.org
Phone: (541) 484-2123

Web: www.fpclanecounty.org

Governance: Independent (maintains government liaisons to the council)

L: Portland-Multnomah Food Policy Council

Contact: Steve Cohen
City of Portland, Bureau of Planning and Sustainability, Food Policy and Programs
Email: steve.cohen@portlandoregon.gov
Phone: (503) 823-4225

Web: http://www.portlandonline.com/bps/index.cfm?c=42290

Governance: A citizen-based advisory council to the City of Portland and Multnomah County


C: Adams County Food Policy Council (Gettysburg)

Contact: Kim Davidson
Email: adamsfoodpolicy@gmail.com

Web: www.adamsfoodpolicy.org

Governance: Established by proclamation on May 13, 2014 by the County Commissioners

L: Pittsburgh Area Food Policy Council

Contact: Danae Clark, Allegheny Greenworks - chairperson
Email: danae7@gmail.com
Phone: (412) 244-3435

Contact: Ken Regal
Email: kenr@justharvest.org

Web: pghfood.pbworks.com/Pittsburgh-Area-Food-Policy-Council

Governance: Independent (operate as a loose coalition of several organizations)

Rhode Island

South Carolina

S: South Carolina Food Policy Council

Contact: Beth Crocker
P.O. Box 11280, Columbia, SC 29211-1280
Phone: (803) 734-2200

Web: agriculture.sc.gov/content.aspx?ContentID=697

Governance: Independent (sponsored by Department of Agriculture; Board of Directors are nominated every 3 years)

South Dakota


C: Knoxville/Knox County Food Policy Council

Contact: Stephanie Welch, chair
Email: stephanie.welch@knoxcounty.org
Phone: (865) 215-5297

Web: www.ci.knoxville.tn.us/boards/food.asp

C: Food Security Partners of Middle Tennessee (Nashville)

Contact: Cassi Johnson, Executive Director, Manna-Food Security Partners
Email: cassi@foodsecuritypartners.org
Phone: (615) 385-2286

Contact: Brian Zralek, Program Director
Email: mannabz@comcast.net

Web: www.foodsecuritypartners.org

Governance: Independent, but work closely with our Mayor's Office and Public Health Department


L: Austin/Travis Sustainable Food Policy Board

Contact: Marla Camp
Email: marla@edibleaustin.com
Phone: (512) 441-3971

Web: www.edibleaustin.com/content/sustainable-food-policy-board-resources-178

Governance: Created by city ordinance; associated with Travis County Commissioners


L: Salt Lake City Food Policy Task Force

Contact: Bridgette Stuchly, Liason to mayors office
Phone: (801) 535-6438

Contact: Christi Paulson, counsel co-chair
Email: cpaulson@xmission.com

Web: www.slcgov.com/slcgreen

Governance: Advisory to mayors office


L: Burlington Food Council

Contact: Mandy Davis, Agricultural Development Services, Intervale Center
180 Intervale Road Burlington, VT 05401
Email: mandy@intervale.org
Phone: (802) 660-0440 x 108

Contact: Jennifer Green, Co-Director, Burlington Legacy Project
Email: jgreen@ci.burlington.vt.us
Phone: (802) 865-7532

Web: www.burlingtonfoodcouncil.org

Governance: We are a City-recognized group (through resolution) and report to the City Council quarterly, but we are largely independent

R: Central Vermont Food Systems Council (Montpelier)

Contact: Isaac Lawrence
Email: CVFoodSystemsCouncil@gmail.com

L: Waterbury-Duxbury Food Council

Contact: Erica Campbell, The Center for an Agricultural Economy
Waterbury-Duxbury Food Council, c/o Erica Campbell, 379 Marshall Road, Waterbury, VT 05676
Email: ericacampbellvt@gmail.com

Contact: Rick Scharf
Email: rscharf@pshift.net

Web: www.wdfoodcouncil.org


S: Virginia Food System Council

Contact: Eric Bendfeldt
Email: ebendfel@vt.edu

Contact: Matthew Benson
Email: mcbenson@vt.edu

Web: www.virginia.edu/ien/foodsummit/foodcouncil.html

Governance: Independent


C: Clark County Food Policy Council, Vancouver, WA

Contact: Tricia Mortell, Clark County Public Health
Email: Tricia.mortell@clark.wa.gov

Contact: Elspeth Durek, RD, Clark County Public Health Nutritionist
Email: elspeth.durek@clark.wa.gov

Web: www.clark.wa.gov/public-health/about/foodsystemscouncil.html

Governance: We do not have a direct link to County government. Public Health provides staff support but the membership is not appointed by the commissioners like other boards or committees. We have a quasi link through the Clark County Public Health Advisory council, which is appointed. They champion the Food System Council work and we have had joint meetings with the commisioners.

C: Cowlitz County Food Policy Council - Acces to Healthy Food (Kelso)

Contact: April Stewart, Health Educator, Cowlitz County Health Department
Email: stewarta@co.cowlitz.wa.us
Phone: (360) 414-5586

Governance: Access to Healthy Food is a subcommittee branch of Cowlitz On The Move- Healthy Lifestyles Coalition

C: Puget Sound Regional Food Policy Council

Contact: Liz Underwood-Bultmann
Puget Sound Regional Council, 1011 Western Ave, Suite 500, Seattle, WA 98104
Email: LUnderwood-Bultmann@psrc.org
Phone: (206) 464-6174

Web: www.psrc.org

Governance: four counties: King, Snohomish, Pierce, and Kitsap

L: Tahoma Food Policy Coalition

Contact: Sarah Garitone, Pierce Conservation District
Email: sarahg@piercecountycd.org

Web: www.tahomafoodpolicy.org

Governance: Independent coalition

West Virginia


C: Dane County Food Council (Dane County Board of Supervisors)

Contact: Martin Bailkey, Vice-chair
Email: bailkey@sbcglobal.net
Phone: (608) 218-9478

Contact: Andrew Majid Allan
210 Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd, Room 116, Madison, WI 53703-3342
Email: allan@co.dane.wi.us
Phone: (608) 267-2536

Web: www.countyofdane.com/foodcouncil

Governance: county board

L: Milwaukee Food Council

Contact: Martha Davis Kipcak, The Kitchen Table Project, Slow Food Upper Midwest, Growing Power
Email: mdk@bricofund.org
Phone: (414) 727-4666

Contact: Marcia Caton Campbell, The Center for Resilient Cities
Email: Marcia.CatonCampbell@resilientcities.org

C: Sheboygan Area Local Food Alliance

Contact: salfalliance@gmail.com

Web: www.salfalliance.org





Calgary Food Policy Council

Contact: Paul Hughes
Email: paul@paulinate.com

Web: www.calgaryfoodpolicycouncil.ca or calgaryfoodpolicy.blogspot.com

Governance: Independent

British Colombia

Kamloops Food Policy Council

Contact: Laura Kalina
Email: Laura.kalina@interiorhealth.ca
Phone: (250) 851-7474

Web: foodsecurecanada.org/en/node/595

Vancouver Food Policy Council

Contact: Johanna Bays, Council Co-Chair
Email: joannebays@gmail.com
Secondary email: foodpolicy@vancouver.ca

Contact: Brent Mansfield, Council Co-Chair
Email: brentmansfield@gmail.com

Web: vancouver.ca/COMMSVCS/socialplanning/initiatives/foodpolicy/policy/council.htm or www.vancouverfoodpolicycouncil.ca

Governance: The VFPC was created through a City of Vancouver Council motion and operates under a Council-approved terms of reference


Winnipeg Food Policy Working Group

Contact: Paul Chorney, Food Matters Manitoba
Email: paul@foodmattersmanitoba.ca
Phone: (204) 943-0822

Contact: Stefan Epp
Email: epps@cc.umanitoba.ca

Web: www.winnipegfoodpolicy.org

Governance: Winnipeg Food Policy working group is actively involved in discussions with the City of Winnipeg and in presentations to elected officials with the goal of formally establishing a Food Policy Council


Guelph Wellington Food Round Table Policy working group (GWFRT)

Contact: Shannon Lee Stirling
Email: guelphfood@gmail.com or seedsofhappiness@gmail.com

Governance: not affiliated directly with government

Halton Food Council

Contact: Lynn Garrison MHSc, RD, Halton Region Health Department
1151 Bronte Road, Oakville, Ontario, L6M 3L1
Email: Lynn.Garrison@halton.ca
Phone: (905) 825-6000 x 7313 or (866) 442-5866

Just Food, formerly called the Ottawa Food Security Council

Contact: Moe Garahan, Director of Just Food
280 Metcalfe St. #501, Ottawa, ON K2P 1R7
Email: moe@justfood.ca or info@justfood.ca
Phone: (613) 236-9300 x 301

Web: www.spcottawa.on.ca/ofsc/en/index.asp

Governance: February 26, 2003 - City Council approves the recommendation of the HRSS Committee for the Ottawa Food Security Council

Toronto Food Policy Council

Contact: Wayne Roberts, Project Coordinator
Email: tfpc@toronto.ca
Phone: (416) 338-7937

Web: www.toronto.ca/health/tfpc_index.htm

Governance: City created the Toronto Food Policy Council, Staff working with the TFPC are employed by, and responsible to, Toronto Public Health

Toronto Youth Food Policy Council

Contact: Yusuf Alam, Project Coordinator
Email: yalam@toronto.ca

Governance: City created the Toronto Food Policy Council, Staff working with the TFPC are employed by, and responsible to, Toronto Public Health

Waterloo Region Food System Roundtable

Contact: Marc Xuereb
Email: xmarc@region.waterloo.on.ca

Contact: Steffanie Scott, Co-Chair

Contact: Ellen Desjardins, Co-Chair

Web: www.wrfoodsystem.ca

Governance: The establishment of the Roundtable was led by the Regional Municipality's Public Health department, and Public Health has supplied staff support (.5FTE), but there is no official defined relationship between the municipality and the Roundtable. It is an independent organization.