David Sinclair and Anti-Aging Supplements

Dr. David Sinclair has revolutionized the way that people view aging. As a scientist and pioneer in genetics and longevity research, he’s been listed by TIME as one of the “100 Most Influential People in the World,” has received more than 35 awards and honors, and is currently working as a professor in the Department of Genetics and co-director of the Paul F. Glenn Center for the Biology of Aging at Harvard Medical School.

Sinclair is also the author of a New York Times bestseller, “Lifespan: Why We Age – And Why We Don’t Have To,” published in 2019. His book presents scientific research in a way that is understandable and its inspired people of all ages to strive for a longer, healthier life.

In his book, he talks about the history of longevity research, current developments and the future of the field. He shares his unique views on aging, which has people rethinking their own outlook on it.

He believes that aging is a disease, it’s treatable and that we can treat it within our lifetimes.

According to Sinclair, “There is no biological law that says we must age.”

Sinclair’s work involves focusing on aging as the cause of most diseases, while figuring out how the process can be slowed down and reversed. He states that people have “longevity genes,” which are built-in defenses against aging.

“The discovery of longevity genes showed that it is possible to greatly slow the pace of aging and disease by manipulating just one central pathway. This raises the possibility that we can find small molecules that can treat multiple, seemingly unrelated diseases with a single medicine.” (The Sinclair Lab)

Supplements that David Sinclair Takes

If interested in the supplements and medications that David Sinclair takes, here is the most up-to-date list, as of 2022.

For more details about the supplements Sinclair takes, check out our post on David Sinclair’s Anti-Aging Supplement, Diet & Lifestyle List 2022, which contains regularly updated information on his diet, fitness and lifestyle choices, which are also important when it comes to health and longevity.

David Sinclair’s New Podcast

David Sinclair has a new podcast, co-hosted by Matthew LaPlante. LaPlante is the co-author of his book. Every week, a new video is released, sharing up-to-date information on longevity research & discoveries. Here are summaries of the first two podcasts.

Podcast # 1: The Science Behind Why We Age | Lifespan with Dr. David Sinclair 

In the episode, Sinclair explains why people age, the differences between chronological and biological age and how to measure biological age through the DNA methylation clocks. He talks about genes which control aging (mTOR, AMPK and Sirtuins) and how the genes are epigenetic regulators of aging. They discuss how certain organisms have extremely long lives and why that is. They explain how the process of “ex-differentation” occurs, when cells begin to lose their identity and how this makes up the “Information Theory of Aging.” They cover a lot of interesting topics related to the science behind aging, but explain it all in a way that is understandable.

Podcast #2: What to Eat & When to Eat for Longevity | Lifespan with Dr. David Sinclair 

In this episode, Sinclair discusses what and when to eat, as it relates to longevity. He provides some tips on fasting and on foods to avoid. He also talks about drugs that mimic fasting and their importance for long-term health. They discuss the science behind a low energy state that is induced by fasting and how it helps combat aging and improves health. He briefly mentions NAD+ boosting supplements, like NMN and how some doctors don’t agree with a self-experimentation approach. They discuss different fasting regimens like intermittent, one meal a day and the Fasting Mimicking Diet. They also share Sinclair’s current diet and preferences.