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2011 FPC Conference Calls

State Food Policy Council Training – Keep on keepin’ on! Sustaining Your Food Policy Council over the Long Haul

July 18, 2011 | Call Recording will be posted soon
Speakers: Stephanie Welch, MS-MPH, RD, LDN, Chair of the Knoxville Food Policy Council;
Mark Winne, Food Policy Council Program Director, Community Food Security Coalition

State Food Policy Council Training – Building Strong Foundations with Diverse Partnerships

June 24, 2011 | Call Recording will be posted soon
Speakers: Pam Roy, Director of the New Mexico Food and Agriculture Policy Council;
Kirsten Simmons, Executive Director of the Michigan Food Policy Council

State Food Policy Council Training – Food Assessment

May 16, 2011 | Call Recording (MP3, 12 Mb)
Topic: Planning a state-wide food assessment and utilizing a food assessment to advance change.
Speakers: Ken Meter, Cross Roads Resource Center, on planning a statewide food assessment;
Shoshanah Inwood, Ph.D., Director of the former Ohio Food Policy Council on lessons learned

State Food Policy Council Training – Overview

March 14, 2011 | Call Recording (MP3, 10 Mb)
Purpose: To provide an overview of state food policy council strategic planning process, lessons learned, opportunities gained.
Speakers: Angie Tagtow, Environmental Nutrition Consultant, on the Iowa state food policy council strategic planning process;
Wendy Peters Moschetti, WPM Consulting, on the Colorado state food policy council strategic planning process

Notes from calls in 2005-2010 can be found in the archives.

From People Power to Public Policy: A Gathering of Local and State Food Policy Councils

Saturday October 10, 2009, 8:30 am – 6 pm

From People Power to Public Policy is CFSC’s first meeting dedicated specifically to food policy councils. It is appropriate for anyone who is interested in or involved with any organized effort to influence local and state food, agriculture, or nutrition policy. Food Policy Councils (FPCs) bring together stakeholders from diverse food-related sectors to examine how the food system is operating and to develop recommendations on how to improve it. FPCs may take many forms, but are typically either commissioned by state or local government, or predominately a grassroots effort.

From People Power to Public Policy is an opportunity to learn more about policy, projects and partnerships that make up local food systems. It is also an occasion to network with individuals on the cutting edge of local and state food policy issues. From People Power to Public Policy offers attendees a chance to share innovative ideas that reflect community values and enhance community food security.

For more information and to register, go to the CFSC Annual Conference website.

FPC Workshop at the NOFA-NY Winter Conference, January 2009

In cooperation with the Northeast Organic Farming Association of New York and their 27th annual winter conference in Rochestor, New York, the Community Food Security Coalition offered a one-day food policy council workshop on January 23, 2009.

Food Policy Councils: A Pathway to a Just and Sustainable Food System examined the role that local and state food policy councils can play in bringing about a just and sustainable food system for consumers and producers. The focus was on the development, operation, and practice of food policy councils as they have evolved across North America over the last 10 years. The workshop is appropriate for individuals as well as community teams who want to start a food policy council or want to improve the performance of an existing one.

The workshop was led by Mark Winne, the Community Food Security Coalition’s Food Policy Council Project Director. Mark has been a leader in the promotion and success of food policy councils throughout North America. He was the executive director of the Hartford Food System for 25 years during which time he was also the co-founder of the City of Hartford Advisory Commission on Food Policy and the State of Connecticut Food Policy Council. He has provided training and technical assistance to over 50 communities that have developed or are interested in developing food policy councils. Mark is also the author of Closing the Food Gap: Resetting the Table in the Land of Plenty.

2008 Regional FPC Trainings

The Food Policy Council Program of the Community Food Security Coalition offered three regional FPC training workshops in 2008, in various parts of the US. These workshops were designed to assist individuals and organizations interested in the development of local, regional or state food policy councils – those that are currently operational as well as those that are in the very early stages of development. The training emphasized the organizational development of coalitions and networks that may precede the actual establishment of a food policy council, the operation of food policy councils, and the development of effective local and state food policy strategies. As such, the workshop is suitable for beginners as well as those with more experience.

Thursday, Jan. 17 in Lousville, KY
in conjunction with the Southern SAWG conference, Practical Tools and Solutions for Sustaining Family Farms
Read more about the conference and the workshop.

Thursday, February 28 & Friday, February 29 in Milwaukee, WI
in conjunction with the Urban Agriculture conference, Pollinating Our Future
Read more about the conference and workshop.

Monday, May 5 in Santa Fe, NM
in conjunction with the 6th Annual Southwest Marketing Network conference.