David Sinclair’s Diet and Lifestyle

David Sinclair’s Lifestyle

David’s stated in numerous interviews that there are certain things he avoids, in order to maintain his health. He avoids:

  • smoking
  • microwaved plastic
  • excessive UV sun exposure
  • X-rays and CT Scans

Here are some lifestyle choices that David makes:

  • He regularly gets bloodwork done. He has a phlebotomist who goes to his home to draw blood every few months. The bloodwork is then analyzed for dozens of biomarkers. He monitors the levels and adjusts things as needed.
  • He tries to stay cool during the day and when sleeping at night.
  • He strives to keep his body weight or BMI around 23 to 25.
  • He tries to walk as much as possible throughout the day, taking the steps and walking as much as he can.
  • He goes to the gym most weekends and lifts weights, and then does the sauna and ice-cold pool.
  • He also wears smart devices – such as the Oura Ring and the Levels Continuous Glucose Monitoring patch.

David Sinclair’s Current Diet and Food Preferences

Like many people, his diet varies and he likes to experiment with different ones. Previously, his diet was as follows:

  • He skipped one meal a day (often lunch) or just made that meal very small.
  • Very low intake of sugar, bread and pasta.
  • His diet consisted of a lot of plants, fish and shrimp (he rarely ate steak).
  • On workout days, he would eat meat.

As of January 2022, David is experimenting with a change in his diet. He explained it in his recent podcast:

  • He is currently a vegetarian.
  • He skips breakfast, but has a tiny bit of olive oil or yogurt (to take with supplements).
  • He drinks a lot of water to try to avoid being hungry.
  • He is still consuming very low sugar, bread and pasta.

If you’re new to fasting, he recommends that you try to skip one meal a day at the end or beginning of the day.


Author: david G