Community Food Project Profiles in Kansas

There have been 5 Community Food Project grants that have gone to organizations in Kansas. Two of these are profiled below.

Kansas Rural Center, Whiting
Grant awarded: $120,000 in 2005 for 3-year project

With a CFP grant, the Kansas Rural Center established the Kansas Food Policy Council, bringing together a diverse group of public and private sector stakeholders to examine food systems in the state and make policy recommendations for improvements. The KFPC recommends methods of strengthening local economies and market opportunities, improving coordination and efficiency, and ultimately, of preventing food insecurity and environmental degradation. The KFPC serves as a venue for coordinating governmental and private-sector interests and activities, with efforts to be focused primarily in three areas: Regional Food Systems; Food Security; and Human Health and the Environment. All activities are undertaken through a combination of pilot projects, broad governmental initiatives, and policy recommendations to the Governor.

Kansas Center for Urban Agriculture, Kansas City
Grant awarded: $115,000 in 2005 for 3-year project

The Urban Farmers Development Project, funded by a CFP grant, works to increase the volume of locally-grown produce available to urban residents by offering support to urban farmers through the Urban Farmers Network. The project includes a research project to identify and study immigrant farmers in the Kansas City area, and the creation of a committee of volunteers with expertise in real estate development, planning, and GIS mapping, to assist in developing a database of properties. Through these initiatives, KCCUA hopes to develop strategies to assist other immigrants in obtaining access to land, regional markets, infrastructure and other assets needed for economically viable small-scale food production.


Author: bryan nettles