The Community Food Security Coalition (CFSC)

The Community Food Security Coalition (CFSC) is a national coalition of diverse people and organizations working from the local to international levels to build community food security. We are committed to ending hunger, promoting public health, and supporting sustainable agriculture through policy advocacy, education, research and organizing. CFSC supports the efforts of grassroots groups to create effective solutions from the ground up, and we are building a thriving national movement. We have a diverse membership with over 300 organizations from social and economic justice, anti-hunger, environmental, community development, sustainable agriculture, community gardening and other fields.


The Community Food Security Coalition catalyzes food systems that are healthy, sustainable, just, and democratic by building community voice and capacity for change.


Policy Advocacy and Organizing

 National Legislation: CFSC advocates for federal policies that promote community food security and provide resources for community-based initiatives, including within the Federal Farm Bill and the Child Nutrition Act. Past successes include creation and increased funding of the Community Food Projects grants, a Farm to School grant fund.

 Program Implementation: After legislation is passed, CFSC works to ensure they are fully funded and implemented in accordance with their original vision.

Education and Networking

 Annual Conference: Each fall the CFSC hosts a dynamic four to five day conference that brings together hundreds of people working on food & farming issues. Conference activities include challenging keynotes, interactive workshops, how-to short courses, exciting field trips, and great local food.

  •   Newsletter & Publications: The Grapevine e-newsletter features profiles of innovative projects, tips and resources, and Coalition updates. Our website features numerous other innovative and informative publications and guidebooks, many of which can be downloaded for free.
  •   COMFOOD Listserv: This nationwide discussion list facilitates lively information sharing and networking among 4,000 subscribers.
  •   Healthy Corner Store Network: CFSC co-sponsors the Healthy Corner Store Network, a learning community of leaders involved in improving access to healthy products in underserved communities. See

    Training and Technical Assistance

  •   Community Food Security Workshops: Trainers are available to offer participatory, action-oriented

    workshops that can be tailored to local needs on an array of community food security issues.

  •   Evaluation Program: CFP grantees and others interested in conducting effective and strong program evaluations may participate in workshops, and remote learning-based technical assistance.
  •   National Food Policy Council Program: Experienced staff provide one-on-one assistance as well as maintain a database of food policy councils and related resources. See

    National Farm to Cafeteria Program

  •   Farm to Cafeteria Conference: This biennial event brings together people from around the country to

    network and learn from each other’s experiences, emphasizing initiatives in schools and colleges.

  •   Regional Workshops and Organizing Meetings: Experienced organizers help groups design effective farm to cafeteria projects, especially involving limited resource producers.
  •   National Farm to School Network: CFSC co-leads the National Farm to School Network, the country’s leading voice for improving school meals through serving local food.
  •   Publications: We offer various reports in this arena. The Farm to College Research Report provides in-depth information on 18 programs. An information kit is available with surveys for farmers and food service directors. See and
  •   Mentoring and One-on-One Assistance: CFSC staff will make referrals to similar projects and help identify organizing strategies tailored individual situations.


    Being a member of CFSC strengthens your connection to the Coalition and other related organizations and individuals across the country. Your membership helps build a dynamic national movement, and provides important support for innovative CFS initiatives.

    To become a member, use our business reply envelope, visit our website, our call us!


Author: bryan nettles