Dr Oz Diet tips – Beware the Oz effect

Doctor Oz reaches tens of millions of people daily on his popular tv show. Not only is he a huge celebrity, he is very trusted on health and diet. His professional background as a top cardiovascular surgeon lends instant credibility, while his passion and curiosity for researching new products (and natural showmanship) make him very popular.

But, some people question how credible some of his health and diet tips really are, given the string of “hot” diet fads he has started. They wonder if all these things are so great, why do so many people still fail to lose weight?

We think much of the criticism is unfounded. There are many reasons that some things work for some people, but not for others, that we will cover below. But the biggest reason for the confusion we see is what we call, the “Oz Effect”

Beware the Oz Effect!

That sounds a little scary. Its not really – we just mean you should “be aware” that once Dr Oz features a product on his show it often creates a frenzy. Shady marketers will

  • create new websites to take advantage gullible buyers, pushing made up brands and crappy products
  • They advertise heavily – more people end up buying these crappy products than those from a good supplier that doesn’t advertise


  • The victims of scammers don’t realize how weak and ineffective the brand they bought is, and just assume the product itself doesn’t work for them, or maybe even assume it doesn’t work for anybody
  • Through word of mouth, the product gets a bad reputation and Dr Oz credibility takes an undeserved hit

It’s really ironic that Dr Oz endorsement is sometimes a BAD thing for a product in the long run. Not always, but if he is too enthusiastic like he was with Green Coffee, it creates a frenzy that allows the scammers jump in and make ridiculous, exagerrated claims, while pushing a crappy product (usually with “free trials”). And a lot of buyers of these crappy products report bad results, harming the reputation of Dr Oz, and the product.


Author: bryan nettles