National Farm to College Research Report

About This Report

This report compliles research in 2002 conducted by the Community Food Security Coalition on Farm-to-College programs. CFSC interviewed organizers (usually faculty members or students), college/ university food service directors, and farmers and farmer owned cooperatives, involved with eighteen different farm to college projects around the country to determine the challenges, opportunities, and strategies for success of these projects. The report contains information on how these programs are started and operated, and recommendations for those interested in beginning their own programs.

Visit the Official Farm to College Website for continuing research, resources, and to provide information about the Farm to College program at your school.

Report sections

About the Programs Surveyed

  • The eighteen farm to college projects interviewed for this research report were based at colleges or universities that ranged in size from 800 students to 41,000 students.
  • Most of the individuals involved in farm to college projects were based at colleges or universities that consisted of a liberal arts curriculum. One project was based at a natural medicine college and seven projects were based at state colleges.
  • A couple of the colleges and universities have been purchasing locally since the inception of the food service on campus, the rest ranged from one to twenty five years.
  • All but four of the food service departments are self-managed vs contract managed by an outside company. Outside companies include: Bon Appetit and Chartwells.
  • Most of the farmers interviewed had 30 acres or more in active production.
  • Most of the farmers interviewed have been farming for 20 years or more.
  • Most farmers interviewed have sold to colleges for 6 years or less.

Author: bryan nettles