Initial Questions for School Food Personnel

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T elephone: E-Mail:

1. Infrastructure Questions

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Initial Questions for School Food Personnel


How many schools __________and students _________are in your district? What if any cooking facilities/space exist at each school?
Does your kitchen have the capacity to process fresh food?

kitchen facilities staffing storage/refrigeration

2. Food Preparation
How is food preparation currently handled?

Centrally Processed
Other ___________________________


3. Food Supply and Purchasing

Who are your food and produce suppliers currently?
Do they buy from local farms?
Do you know if there are any farmers’ markets in your area?
Do you purchase any items directly from farmers?
Do you have any students from farm families?
If yes, do you know what crops they produce?
What are the top three produce items you purchase, and in what amount?
Are there any bidding requirements for purchasing food? If so, what are they? How frequently are food deliveries made? Who makes the deliveries?

Cooperative Other_____________________

4. Menus

Who develops menus?

Do they vary from school to school?

How are menus distributed to parents?

5. School Food Programs

Does your school food service participate in programs, such as National School Lunch W eek?

Have you been involved in developing cafeteria “themes”? If so, what types?

Does your school have any of the following: gardens, cooking classes, nutrition education, or other food related programs?

If so, does school food service participate in them?
6. What barriers do you see to buying from farmers in the region?

Created by the Community Food Security Coalition and the Center for Food & Justice, Occidental College



Author: bryan nettles