Youth Involvement in CFSC work

the full pdf can be found here


Work towards bridging at-risk youth with young adults and college age students – Linking Rooted In Community w/CFSC Farm to College & the Real Food Challenge

  • Develop a CFS 101 briefing & presentation for youth
  • Develop a youth preparation package for conference and create youth friendly

    spaces at the CFSC conference

  • Create a youth CFSC membership package
  • Understand working with youth requires:
    1. a)  being dynamic, fun, and creative
    2. b)  not having great expectations for lengthy attention span
    3. c)  allowing space for empowerment and ownership
  • Explore developing a website function that allows member organizations to post internships, job opportunities, and other ways youth can further grow, learn, and expand their ability to be a meaningful member of our community (web postings should be by region)

Author: bryan nettles