Quercetin And Anti-Aging Research


If given an option to live longer, most people would only say yes if they could also retain their health. Longer life means nothing if you cannot move around, eat your favorite foods, socialize, love, and have energy for your favorite hobbies. Living for more than a hundred years is infinitely more attractive if you can do everything that a young and healthy person can do. Most people face a lot of ailments in their last 5 to 10 years, as their body weakens. They lose their bodily strength, stamina, and most of the energy they had in their youth. This is something we have accepted as a fact.

There is one person who says that aging is not inevitable and “We Do Not Have To” accept our collective fate of aging. Dr David Sinclair is a professor of genetics at Harvard University. He believes that aging can not only be avoided, it can even be reversed. He makes these claims after decades worth of research into anti-aging. David Sinclair, in his book “Lifespan: Why We Age, and Why We Don’t Have to”, insists that we should treat aging as a disease instead of accepting it as an undeniable fact. His research on anti-aging in his lab at Harvard has shown remarkable results.

David Sinclair and Anti-Aging

The reason that David Sinclair is considered the leading expert in anti-aging is because of his decades’ worth of research in the field. His research papers have been cited over 77 thousand times. His genetics lab at Harvard is credited with promising research in the field of anti-aging. That is why it is important to look at what David Sinclair has to say about how aging is impacted by different processes and how it can be reversed. After researching for decades, David Sinclair proclaims that he takes some supplements to fight aging. These supplements include NMN, TMG, Resveratrol, and Fisetin. He has also spoken highly of other supplements at times, such as Quercetin and Hyaluronic Acid. In fact, he has filed a patent that combines Resveratrol and Hyaluronic Acid.

It does matter what substances David Sinclair is taking because he has a stake in the game. He himself wants to stay younger and just happens to be a leading authority on how to do so. However, it is not him alone pushing for an agenda for some personal gain. We are now beginning to see the benefits

Anti-Aging Research

The key to anti-aging lies in activating the newly discovered genes called sirtuins. These genes are heavily linked to different processes in the body such as cell survival, apoptosis, metabolic control, and healthy aging. Sirtuins are being studied concerning many age-related diseases such as inflammatory disorders, diabetes, neurodegenerative diseases, and cancer. Sirtuins are significant in maintaining epigenomes that regulate genes in the human body and decide which genes to turn on and off. As people age, the epigenome fails to regulate gene activity effectively and causes the various ailments associated with aging. For example, due to problems in epigenomic regulation, cancer genes might be mistakenly turned on, thus increasing the risk of cancer in old age. This is how humans age.

Activating Sirtuins

David Sinclair has researched specific substances that are key in activating sirtuins. By activating sirtuins, epigenomic regulation can be improved, which, in turn, would lead to better bodily functions, even in old age. Key substances that Dr Sinclair has found to work the best in activating sirtuins include nicotinamide mononucleotide (NMN) and nicotinamide (NR), among others. This is what makes David Sinclair the leader in anti-aging research. His research into NMN-based supplements can be key towards slowing the impact of aging.

NMN, NR, and NAD+

NR and NMN are precursors to nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD+). NAD+ is essential in activating sirtuins. The current approach to anti-aging, supported by David Sinclair, is focused on increasing the amount of NAD+ in cells by consuming the supplements of its precursors i.e., NMN and NR. The following figure explains this relationship.

Figure 1 – Relationship Cycle of Sirtuins, NAD+, NMN, and NR

NR gets converted into NMN through a series of chemical reactions of enzymes. NMN, in turn, gets converted into NAD+ by the salvage pathways. Activity by sirtuins consumes NAD+ and produces effectors that are used in diverse cellular pathways. A by-product of this process is NAM which is then converted into NMN and the cycle continues. With aging, the amount of NAD+ is reduced in cells throughout the body. David Sinclair’s research has shown that increasing NAD+ through supplements based on NMN and NR can be effective in improving the overall cell regulation and reversing the impact of aging.

LIPO Quercetin – Renue by Science

When it comes to the field of anti-aging, there is much to talk about. There are many ways anti-aging can be tackled. Some products boost NMN in the cell that ends up increasing the overall amount of NAD+ available. Supplements offering Resveratrol help with anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant parts of anti-aging. Quercetin-based products also help with the anti-inflammatory, anti-histamine, and anti-oxidant needs of aging people. Using these supplements can be highly effective in preventing and delaying aging.

In this article, we will focus on a Quercetin product called LIPO Quercetin by a leading anti-aging company: Renue by Science. LIPO Quercetin provides a great deal of support for strengthening the immune response of the body, regulating blood pressure, exercise performance, and cardiovascular health.

Figure 2 – Lipo Quercetin by Renue By Science

The product is available on the official website of Renue By Science for $47.95. One bottle contains around 90 liposomal capsules. They are meant to be taken orally. Each capsule contains 150 mg of highly concentrated Quercetin. The product is safe to use and has been tested by a third-party lab for safety. The website provides certificates from third-party laboratories that test random bottles from a batch for impurities, ingredients, and stability.

Quercetin (also known as Bioflavonoid) is a plant pigment that appears in various fruits and vegetables. Most common food items containing Quercetin include apples, green tea, onions, red wine, and berries. While Quercetin is found in many food items, it is important to ensure that digestion does not reduce the efficacy of this substance. Usually, Quercetin found in naturally occurring foods is not very bioavailable. This is why Alive by Science has developed a Quercetin-rich supplement in the liposomal form.

Liposomes do not break down during digestion, thus ensuring that a larger dose of Quercetin is delivered where it is needed. Liposomal supplements have been proven as an effective medium of delivery for anti-aging products. Lipo Quercetin provides a more bioavailable solution for Quercetin than possible through any food option, by far. This is why taking these supplements for Quercetin can be more beneficial than simply eating those foods.

The main role played by Quercetin in anti-aging lies in its anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties. Other than that, Quercetin also ensures that our cells are protected from free radical chain reactions. It increases the immunity of the body significantly. High blood pressure is a common age-related issue for a large number of people. Quercetin helps in maintaining optimal levels of blood pressure by sustaining healthy levels of nitric oxide. A 2016 study by Fatemeh Javadi and her team showed that five hundred milligram Quercetin significantly reduced inflammation and pain in women with Rheumatoid Arthritis. Participants who took Quercetin also showed reduced markers for inflammation. Another study found proof that five hundred milligrams of Quercetin help improve blood pressure regulation.

David Sinclair has also highlighted the benefits of Quercetin in many of his interactions. In a Twitter post recently, he shared a study that proves the efficacy of Quercetin in protection from diabetes.

Figure 3 – David Sinclair or Quercetin

The video attached in the tweet explains how increased blood sugar, such as in diabetes patients, can be harmful or the kidneys. Quercetin helps protect kidneys from diabetes. He added a link to a study that concluded, “resveratrol and quercetin… may have significant effects in reducing the complications of diabetes in kidneys, as well as preventing the aging of the kidney cells.” You can expect all the benefits of Quercetin from Lipo Quercetin as well because of its greater bioavailability and ease of use.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any side effects of taking Quercetin?

While the research on Quercetin and its anti-aging supplements has only been going on for a few years, studies have not reported any side effects of taking Quercetin, so far. Side effects are totally absent when the supplement is taken orally and in appropriate doses.

How much Quercetin should I be taking?

While the appropriate dosage is something you should decide for yourself, studies have shown that taking five hundred milligrams of Quercetin is considered safe and effective. It is suggested that you manage your doses around the same amount.

Is Quercetin safe for me?

Quercetin is considered safe for consumption for most people. There is not enough information about the safety of this drug when it comes to pregnancy or breastfeeding. It is better to avoid using Quercetin supplements if you are breastfeeding or pregnant. Furthermore, people with kidney problems should also err on the safe side and avoid taking Quercetin. If you are unsure, it is better to consult your doctor before using it.

Can I take Quercetin if I am also taking other supplements such as TMG or NMN?

Yes, it is completely safe to take Quercetin in conjunction with other anti-aging supplements such as NMN, TMG, and Resveratrol.



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