What is community food security about?

Community Food Security

What is community
food security about?

  • Good food—food that’s fresh, delicious, and healthy!
  • Everyone having access to good food—no matter where we live or how much money we have.
  • Supporting local and independent farms and businesses that support our communities.
  • Producing and distributing food in ways that protect our planet and our climate.
  • Taking charge of our communities by working together to create positive change.

What does it look like

in action?

• Stores in every community sell healthy,

high quality foods
• Local, environmentally friendly family

farms are thriving, and their food is widely available through nearby stores and farmers’ markets.

• Schools and other institutions serve healthy and delicious meals that include food from local farms.

• Neighbors grow some of their own food in community and home gardens, and share food and their cultures with each other.

• Government policies support a healthy food system, and people have a voice

What Can I Do?

You can create more change together than alone. You can: • Connect with a local group

about what you can do (see contact on back cover).

  • Talk to friends and neighbors about the changes

    you want to see and what you can do together.

  • Learn more about food issues. Read publications or watch

    videos with friends and discuss what you are learning.

  • Share skills to help people learn to grow, preserve,

    or cook their own food.

  • Ask local stores, schools, and institutions to provide healthy

    food from local and environmentally friendly farmers.

  • Talk to local government

    do to help make good food available to everyone.

    On your own, you and your family can:

    • Eat good food. Your body will thank you, and you’ll feel better.

    • Grow some of your own food in a home or community garden.
    • Vote with your dollar. Support the types of farmers, stores,

      and organizations you believe in through your daily purchases.

      This project is supported by the Community Food Projects Competitive Grants Program of CSREES, USDA. Grant # 2003-33800-14105.

Why does it


Everyone needs food every day, and everyone deserves a chance to make healthy choices.
But in too many communities, it’s hard to get good food, which makes it hard to have a healthy life.

And it’s not just what we eat that has a big impact
on our health. How we grow, process, and distrib-
ute our food has huge impacts on our health, our communities, our economy, and our planet. The bad news is that most of our food now comes to us from a global food system that has many negative impacts and is not sustainable. The good news is that there are other options, and our food choices can be a powerful tool for creating stronger communities and a better world for everyone—especially if we work together.

Learn More! Get Involved!

For more information and action ideas,

visit whyhunger.org/fslc

And explore localharvest.org, foodroutes.org, foodsecurity.org.

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Community Food Security

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call 1-866-3-HUNGRY or visit whyhunger.org.


Author: bryan nettles