Lessons from Community Food Projects, 1999-2003

  Kami Pothukuchi, Ph.D., Author Kai Siedenburg, Editor Jeanette Abi-Nader, Project Coordinator October 2007 BUILDING COMMUNITY FOOD SECURITY: LESSONS FROM COMMUNITY FOOD PROJECTS, 1999-2003 Author: Kami Pothukuchi, Ph.D. Editor: Kai Siedenburg Project Coordinator: Jeanette Abi-Nader October 2007 Community Food Security Coalition P.O. Box 209, Venice, CA 90294 (310) 822-5410 http://www.foodsecurity.org SPECIAL THANKS The Community Food […]


FACT SHEET ♦ What is DoDFresh? In 1994, the Department of Defense began offering its produce buying services for institutions other than military bases and installations. Hospitals, schools, and prisons are just some of the institutions to utilize these services. Several years later, at the request of USDA, the DoDFresh Program was developed. This Program […]

CHAPTER 3 Methodology Survey Design

For the purposes of this project, the University of California Cooperative Extension’s Emergency Food Client Questionnaire (UCCE-EFCQ) and the United States Department of Agriculture’s Core Food Security Module (USDA-CFSM) were combined so that a more in-depth analysis of factors influencing hunger and food insecurity could be conducted. One survey was developed from these two models […]

Community Food Project Evaluation Handbook

COMMUNITY FOOD SECURITY COALITION Community Food Security Coalition PO BoA 209 Venice, CA 90294 Phone: 310-822-5410 www.foodsecurity.org Sponsor: USDA Community Food Projects Program Author: National Research Center, Inc. 3005 30th Street, Boulder, Colorado 80301 Phone: 303-444-7863 nrcRn-r-c.com www.n-r-c.com First Edition, 2003 Second Edition, 2004 Third Edition, 2006 Copyright © 2006 by National Research Center, Inc. […]

Myths and Facts H.R. 875 – The Food Safety Modernization Act

  MYTH: H.R. 875 “makes it illegal to grow your own garden” and would result in the “criminalization of the backyard gardener.” FACT: There is no language in the bill that would regulate, penalize, or shut down backyard gardens. The focus of the bill is to ensure the safety of food in interstate commerce. MYTH: […]


Table of Contents Above: Efrén Avalos of AMO Organics harvests strawberries. Front Cover: Background : Los Angeles Regional Food Bank’s fifteen-acre urban garden. Top left : United Indian Health Services’ produce stand. Top right: AMO Organics’ strawberry harvest for Farm Fresh Choice. Bottom left: Enjoying the tastes of summer at the Santa Monica Farmers’ Market, […]

Good Food We Can Afford Today and Tomorrow

Food and fuel prices have been going up fast, and there’s a con- nection. Most of our food is produced far from home, using lots of energy and resources, and then shipped a thousand miles or more. So, higher fuel prices lead to higher food prices, and the costs don’t stop there. The massive energy […]

Community Food Project Grantees in Colorado

There have been five Community Food Project grants to groups in Colorado, four of which are profiled below. Southern Ute Community Action Program, Durango Grant awarded: $50,000 in 2005 for 15 months A CFP grant allowed the Southern Ute Community Action Program to run a 15-month assessment of the local food system. The focus of […]


 A Decade of Community Food Projects in Action March 2007 ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS The Community Food Projects 10th Anniversary Production Team gratefully acknowledges the U.S. Congress for its leadership and foresight in authorizing the Community Food Projects Competitive Grants Program in Section 25 of the Federal Agriculture Improvement and Reform Act of 1996 and for re-authorizing […]

Conducting a Community Food Assessment

Four Key Steps Organize Research ❦  Identify key stakeholders ❦  Organize initial meeting(s) ❦  Determine the group’s interest in conducting an assessment ❦  Identify and recruit other participants, representing diverse interests and skills ❦  Continue to organize and engage constituents throughout project Plan ❦  Review other assessments ❦  Determine assessment purposes and goals ❦  Develop […]

Farm to School Legislation: A State by State Listing

Eighteen states have passed legislation regarding farm to school programs. Below are summaries and links to the text of this legislation. This information should reflect legislation that has passed as of June 10, 2008. California To search for California state legislation text: http://www.assembly.ca.gov/acs/acsframeset2text.htm SB 281 (2005 California Statute, Chapter #236) Introduced in 2005, SB 281 […]


Acknowledgements Food Policy Councils: Lessons Learned is the result of a collaboration between Food First and the Community Food Security Coalition. is study would not have been possible without the help of Mark Winne, ressa Connor and the Community Food Security Coalition, the dozens of interviewees who gave their time to this effort, and the […]

State Implementation of the New WIC Produce Package:

    Introduction The report below provides an overview of the current status of the new WIC Package Rule [at 7 CFR 246.12(v)] and the issue of states authorizing farmers as vendors for the new cash value vouchers for fruits and vegetables. The first section provides a general background of the new interim final rule […]

Community Food Security Coalition Strategic Issues – A Work in Progress July 12-13, 2008

The following strategic issues were identified at the July 12-13, 2008 strategic planning meeting by the assembled CFSC board staff, and strategic planning committee members. Please review the notes from this meeting, as well as two prior strategic planning meetings, for background leading up to the identification of these issues, as well as additional issues […]

Health Benefits of Urban Agriculture

Anne C. Bellows, PhD Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey; Katherine Brown, PhD Southside Community Land Trust; Jac Smit, MCP The Urban Agriculture Network. A paper from members of the Community Food Security Coalition’s North American Initiative on Urban Agriculture. Abstract: Health professionals increasingly recognize the value of farm- and garden-scale urban agriculture. Growing […]


  Community Food Security Coalition WHAT IS FARM TO HOSPITAL? WHY IS IT IMPORTANT? The time is ripe for the development of farm to hospital programs. Given the increasing popularity of buying food products directly from local farmers, as well as the heightened concern about human health and quality of food in hospitals, there has […]

The Community Food Security Coalition (CFSC)

The Community Food Security Coalition (CFSC) is a national coalition of diverse people and organizations working from the local to international levels to build community food security. We are committed to ending hunger, promoting public health, and supporting sustainable agriculture through policy advocacy, education, research and organizing. CFSC supports the efforts of grassroots groups to […]


Hispanic black non-Hispanic white non-Hispanic Households with elderly men living alone women living alone two or more adults, no children single mothers with children married couples with children 185% of poverty line and over income below poverty line all households low food security very low food security 0 5 10 15 20 25 30 35 […]

Community Food Project Profiles in Indiana

This document has descriptions of two of the three Community Food Project grants that have gone to groups in Indiana. Middle Way House, Bloomington Grant awarded: $280,000 in 2006 for 3 years The “Growing a Healthy Community” project is working to increase the financial independence of local food producers, and increase access to locally produced […]

What is community food security about?

Community Food Security What is community food security about? Good food—food that’s fresh, delicious, and healthy! Everyone having access to good food—no matter where we live or how much money we have. Supporting local and independent farms and businesses that support our communities. Producing and distributing food in ways that protect our planet and our […]

CASE STUDY – Kentucky

Kentucky How it Started Official introduction occurred in May 2000 through cooperative efforts of the USDA, the Kentucky Department of Ag., University of Kentucky Extension and the Kentucky Department of Education. Some school districts in Kentucky had noted the North Carolina model and had been purchasing produce through the DOD fresh program and from local […]


COMMUNITY FOOD SECURITY COALITION FEDERAL POLICY ADVOCACY HANDBOOK Barrett Ebright, Congressional Hunger Fellow In collaboration with Sarah Borron, CFSC Policy Associate COMMUNITY FOOD SECURITY COALITION FEDERAL POLICY ADVOCACY HANDBOOK Barrett Ebright, Congressional Hunger Fellow In collaboration with Sarah Borron, CFSC Policy Associate Acknowledgements: Thank you to the following people for sharing their knowledge and contributing […]

National Farm to School Program

Community Food Security Coalition National Farm to School Program DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE FARM TO SCHOOL PROGRAM Frequently Asked Questions 1. What is the Department of Defense Farm to School Program? In 1994, the Department of Defense began offering its produce buying services to institutions other than military bases and installations. Hospitals, schools, and prisons are […]

Nourishing the Nation One Tray at a Time

Farm to School Initiatives in the Child Nutrition Reauthorization NatIoNal FaRm to SChool NetwoRk CommuNIty Food SeCuRIty CoalItIoN SChool Food FOCUS “My job is to listen to the president, who is the ultimate vision maker…The vision is, he wants more nutritious food in schools. In a perfect world, everything that was sold, everything that was […]

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ERS USDA Household Food Security in the United States, 2008 Report

CFSC Fact Sheet This week the USDA released its annual Household Food Security in the United States report based on findings from the Economic Research Service (ERS). The 2008 report shows the highest levels of domestic food insecurity since national statistics started being tracked in 1995. Please visit the ERS USDA Household Food Security in […]

Sample TELEPHONE SURVEY Initial Questions for Farmers

Name: Title: School District: Street Address: City: T elephone: E-Mail: Date: Sample TELEPHONE SURVEY Initial Questions for Farmers State: Zip: Fax: Are you currently supplying produce to the schools in your area? If yes, skip to number 8 If no, go to number 2. Is there excess capacity on your farm that you could plant […]

Guidance for Preparing Community Food Projects Fiscal Year 2011 Applications

Written by Zy Weinberg and Barbara Vauthier* Based on a document developed by Hugh Joseph Sponsored by the Community Food Security Coalition September 2010 For copies of this guide, visit the CFSC website: Or contact us at: 3830 SE Division; Portland, OR 97202 (503) 954-2970 aleta@foodsecurity.org *Weinberg and Vauthier Consulting zyweinberg@earthlink.net and bvauthier@earthlink.net 1 TABLE […]

Position Announcement: Senior Policy Director Washington, DC

ORGANIZATION DESCRIPTION CFSC is the premiere national organization promoting local food systems and access to healthy food for all persons. Established in 1994, CFSC has 450 organizational members across the US and Canada. The Community Food Security Coalition catalyzes food systems that are healthy, sustainable, just, and democratic by building community voice and capacity for […]